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JavaLand – The Java Community Developers Conference

Java is used by about nine million developers and is thus the most popular programming language. Even now, almost 20 years after Java’s first public release, the future of this language is secured for many years to come. First, there has been strong and continued backing from the industry and second, it has been used as the major language for teaching programming for some time now. This means that there is sustained interest in Java training courses.


Several international and national Java conferences are already being offered, JavaLand, however, differs profoundly from them. This conference is “THE event created by the Java community for the Java community.” The idea is that the Java community will get the opportunity to get actively involved in the JavaLand Conference. The organizers invited the Java User Groups represented in the iJUG e.V. and appointed a program committee, which also consists of members of these user groups. And the community itself will also have the opportunity to make a contribution to the program.


Another extraordinary aspect about JavaLand is its venue. During the two conference days the Phantasialand theme park will be used in the used part exclusively by the Java community. The conference participants will spend two days in their own JavaLand, using some of the attractions of the park if they wish. But there is also a number of community driven activities offering even more than the fun and action to be had at Phantasialand. There will be ice breaker activities such as a hacker garden, Jeopardy! for geeks, treasure hunting and park jogging, just to name a few. And there is more to come!


So the "settlers" of JavaLand will have the great opportunity to get the latest insights into Java developments, to spend two days improving their skills and knowledge and get important inspiration for their everyday project work. They will also be able to exchange information with peers, make important contacts and enjoy themselves – all at an unbeatable price.


The organizers of the conference are looking forward to welcoming you to JavaLand by the end of March.