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Shape the future of Java - be an early adopter

Javaland will not only bring you great presentations from top speakers, it is also a big community event: People getting together to discuss, learn from each other and collaborate - improving their own skills as well  as bringing Java forward.


The „Early Adopter’s Area“, located in the heart of Javaland, will host two community-driven programmes that match these goals perfectly: Adopt a JSR and Adopt OpenJDK. Throughout the two days of Javaland, we will show you what these are about, how you and/or your local JUG can contribute, and last but not least give you the opportunity to work hands-on on the OpenJDK or one of several JSRs. You will be in touch with the experts for this: Ed Burns (specification lead for Java Server Faces and member of the Portlet 3.0 Expert Group); Anatole Tresch (specification lead for Money&Currency, and about to lead a new Configuration JSR); Mani Sarkar (Adopt OpenJDK evangelist); and more…


So join us for interesting discussions! And if you’re interested in hands-on work, ideally bring your laptop and take a seat - we’ll take care of getting you started in no time with pre-configured environments in a VM. We’ll have a focus on the OpenJDK and the JSRs mentioned above. But we are open to suggestions - and of course are happy to welcome further active JSR or JDK contributors to join us and get in touch with the „Javaland inhabitants“. If you leave a comment, or send an e-mail to aba(at)doag.org, we can use your input during the preparations.


In case you are interested in hacking away, but not on any of the JSRs or OpenJDK - fine as well: Side by side with the Early Adopter’s Area you will find the Hackergarten, led by Andreas Almiray and Gerrit Grunwald, and supported by Stephen Chin and others. 


And last but not least - for all Java EE fans: Arun Gupta will be around our shared area as well for the two days, showing live hacking and discussing EE topics relevant to you!


Certainly we will not only share space over the two days of Javaland, so let’s see what will emerge from this!



11:00 - Introduction to Early Adopters Area and Adopt a JSR
11:45 - Introduction to Adopt OpenJDK
13:00 - Adopt OpenJDK session (Build&Test, Chef, VM overview)
15:00 - Java EE Configuration JSR session
16:00 - Portlet JSR session
Discussions and joint hacking: all day



11:00 - JavaServer Faces Session
12:00 - Money & Currency JSR Session
13:00 - Adopt OpenJDK Session (Build & Test, JTReg, writing tests)
all sessions continued at the big table - joint hacking for all