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JavaLand 2021

March 16 and 17, 2021

As hybrid event on-site and online

JavaLand opens its gates every year for the Java community to come together. Developers and architects gather at the two-day conference to explore the latest technologies and approaches for modern software development in the Java ecosystem. This includes the topics Native Cloud, DevOps, Microservices, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Programming Languages, Security, Architecture, Methods and Culture. With its inspiring flair and innovative approach, JavaLand brings together technology enthusiasts in a unique way. Join us to exchange ideas with like-minded people, gain practical experience and code together. By learning from each other, you too can improve your skills and expand your knowledge base.


Save the Date

JavaLand 2021 will take place on March 16 and 17, 2021 at Phantasialand in Bruehl and online.


You can experience what makes JavaLand a platform for knowledge transfer and networking at Phantasialand or online. As a participant, you decide for yourself which variant you prefer.


On-site we offer a high-quality conference with a well thought-out hygiene concept, which we have developed in cooperation with health experts and Phantasialand to make your visit as safe and pleasant as possible. 


Online you will experience an innovative concept, which reflects the Jatumba feeling of the event as if you were on-site. Enjoy professional video transmission and attractive networking elements, amongst other features.

Speaker Information

The Call for Papers is closed since September 30. We would like to thank all contributors for roughly 400 presentation proposals in 13 streams. All dates and further information on the next steps can be found on the speakers page. 

Streams at JavaLand 2021


Core Java and JVM technologies

Java is not only a language, but also a runtime environment and a program library. In this stream you will learn about new features, innovative JDKs, JREs and OpenJDK distributions as well as basic topics around Java – including performance, virtual machines and garbage collectors.



A software architecture consists of the basic structures and technology decisions of a system. The quality requirements of modern applications and the complexity of the solutions have become more demanding. In this stream theoretical and practical approaches to the design and documentation of software architectures are presented.



In the "Enterprise" stream we take a look at complex enterprise applications. Keywords such as Spring, Java-EE, Jakarta-EE, X, migration, performance problems and solutions, architecture, frameworks and practical project experience are part of the topic pool. 



Here you will learn interesting facts about small and big helpers of the daily developer life and profit from experiences made in software projects. Learn how versioning tools, build pipelines, analysis, testing or documentation tools can make your life easier.


Frontend, Mobile & UX

Almost every application, whether desktop, web or mobile, requires a user interface (UI). How these topics will evolve in the future and the means developers use today to create interfaces for their applications is a central part of this stream.


JVM Languages

The Java Virtual Machine (JVM) includes much more than just Java. Other languages can also be used for programming. In the stream "JVM Languages" we cover both well-known and exotic favorite languages like Python, Ruby, Groovy, Scala, Clojure, Kotlin, Frege, Eta and many more!



The security requirements as well as the tasks for development teams are constantly increasing. This stream covers important topics around the OWASP Top 10, Web Application Security Risks, but also general techniques like penetration testing as well as other methods and technologies relevant to software security.



Applications communicate with each other through microservices. But breaking down an application into microservices is not always a suitable solution. This stream takes a detailed look at microservices in terms of resilience, service discovery, microprofiles, frameworks, deployments and much more.


Data & Streaming

Modern software systems nowadays can hardly do without asynchronous mechanisms as the foundation of their communication. In "Data & Streaming" we deal with concepts that enable such data processing, like IoT, Smart Data, Big Data, Blockchain and Real-Time Analytics.


Methodology & Culture

We encourage you to explore modern methods, principles, requirements, concepts and improvement possibilities that support successful cooperation in software development. Here the main focus lies on different personalities, working methods and team building. 


Quality & Testing

Shorter release cycles or the use of microservices cause automated testing, monitoring, build management and more to become increasingly complex. In addition, the demand for software quality is growing and many companies are using concepts such as DevOps, CleanCode, TDD and CI/CD. In "Quality & Testing" you can expect relevant information on the topic. 


Cloud, Container & Infrastructure

Modern software development is strongly oriented towards continuous delivery, DevOps as well as container and cloud technologies. Companies benefit from increased flexibility, scalability, testability and resilience. In this stream, these concepts are examined theoretically and practically. 



Innovations are part of our daily life. Come and discover IT innovations that will amaze you. Theory, practical insights, challenges, and lessons learned on animation, virtual and augmented reality, deep and machine learning, and much more are discussed here.