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Reversal of JavaLand

This year you had decided to visit JavaLand 2020. Many thanks for this!


As you know, the event had to be cancelled due to the impossibility of holding it. This has hit us especially hard as a community-driven organization and organizer of the event and put us in a difficult situation:

For conferences we have already paid our service partners in advance, as is the rule in the event industry with locations, hotels, caterers, and others. At the moment we are still seeking the dialogue to our service partners to receive back any advance payments. The reversal of financial aspects of the event is therefore very complex. Therefore, the situation of Javaland GmbH is delicate.

It is still very important to us to refund the participant tickets as quickly as possible and as completely as possible. You guessed it: here now follows the "but". We will only be able to do this if our service partner fully refunds the down payments for the services they were unable to provide and if we can rely on one or the other concession.

If even one building block is missing, our hands are tied, and we are not allowed to pay anything even to one group. That is why we are currently putting together a large package and are also thinking in unconventional ways. This is where you come in:

Become a JavaLand Hero

Because we are fully convinced of the cohesion within the Java community and the special JavaLand spirit, we hope for your support and would like to suggest an alternative to a full refund of your ticket:

Help us to secure the future of JavaLand and become a JavaLand Hero!


What is a JavaLand Hero?

A JavaLand Hero is so convinced of the JavaLand community and the special nature of JavaLand that he is willing to invest in the future of JavaLand. In return he voluntarily waives a part of his refund.


Why is a JavaLand Hero so important?

Because every JavaLand Hero contributes with his individual amount to avoid worse and to make sure that JavaLand can take off again next year. This is a solidarity contribution which is worthwhile.


How to become a JavaLand Hero?

Of course, you decide voluntarily if and how much you want to invest in the reconstruction of JavaLand. For this purpose you simply fill out the enclosed form. We will retain the corresponding amount, the rest of the contribution will be transferred back to you.

What do you get out of it?

As a thank you for the generosity, our JavaLand Heroes receive high visibility:

  • Anyone who waives a refund of at least 50 Euro will receive the following in return:
    • Naming of our Heroes on our Hall of Fame (if desired)
    • Personalized banner for your use in social media
    • With your contribution you pave the way for a JavaLand 2021 and make yourself a further pleasure - and what a pleasure!
  • Anyone who waives a refund of at least 200 Euro, additionally receives a "JavaLand Hero" Hoodie and thus becomes a JavaLand Hero who will be recognized by everyone at JavaLand 2021.

For particularly generous companies, we are happy to include the company logo on our Hall of Fame. For this please contact us via email: sponsoringjavalandeu.

We will gladly publish the sum of your contribution at your own request.


Still not convinced?

No problem. Be there next year anyway - we look forward to seeing you!

JavaLand Hero without reversal?

You do not expect a refund of the JavaLand, but still want to support the event? That works! Fill in your data in the form.