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Javaland 2019 Training Day

March 21, 2019

All seminars will take place from 9 am to 5 pm.

Cloud Perspective: Kubernetes Is Like an App Server, But More Cloudy - FULLY BOOKED

Enterprise software has moved on from the time when the app server was king, yet the concept of the app server still provides a useful framework for understanding how contemporary business software is developed, deployed, and maintained. This session uses the app-server-as-conceptual-framework to examine two popular technologies currently powering today's cloud native development: Kubernetes and Docker. The session will expose the attendees to a pre-assembled stack of currently popular cloud-ready deployment technologies suitable for building enterprise applications in Java. After attending this class, attendees will have introductory familiarity with a cross section of today's popular technologies for enterprise software development, with basic context into how each one is used and interacts with the other technologies in the suggested stack.

Participants will participate in a web survey a few weeks before the class to allow them the opportunity to fine tune the material to their individual needs and expectations.

The workshop introduces the new stack by contrasting it with the existing app-server centric approach. Justify the complexity in the new stack by emphasizing the benefits of horizontal scalability, agility and compatibility with current DevOps best practices. We show how the new stack can subsume the existing app-server centric stack and allow gradual migration away from it.

We present an overview of the new stack from the foundation OS layer, through Kubernetes and Docker, to the business layer running within Docker containers.

The workshop concludes with a brief exploration of some popular techniques enabled by this new stack, including, A/B Testing, Blue/Green deployments and Event Sourcing.

Target audience:


Ed Burns Oracle Corporation
Oliver Szymanski Java User Group Erlangen-Nuremberg