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Here, you will find all the information for speakers and for those who wish to become one. Use the unique opportunity to participate in the conference. 

What Happens After Your Submission?

You can submit your lecture until August 13, 2018. 

You will be notified whether your submission has been accepted or rejected between September 17 and 20. Please have some patience.

The lecture program will be published online in September.

We kindly ask all speakers to upload a PDF-file (maximum size 10 MB) of their Powerpoint presentations until March 19, 2019 at the latest.

After login at the Javaland website click the button "Manage Lectures". You will see a list of all your presentations. Hit the button "Files" on the right and upload the file from your PC. Lastly, hit "Save" and you are done!


Training Day Submissions

The JavaLand Training Day will be held at Phantasialand in Brühl, Germany. There will be up to eight trainings at the same time. Each training partner can submit more than one training offer. All contacted partners get a chance to submit an offer for the training day. Exhibition partners at JavaLand 2018 will be preferred in the selection process.

To apply, please fill out and send the documents Attachment 1 and 2 to officejavalandeu until August 13, 2018.

Training Day Submission Documents:

Send the completed forms "Attachment 1" and "Attachment 2" to officejavalandeu until August 13, 2018.

  • Send us your training offers including a title and a brief description.
  • The name and the qualification of the speaker also play an important role during the selection process.
  • We look forward to your short marketing plan. It should include marketing channels with description and predicted marketing reach (e.g. number of mailing contacts).

You will be notified if your submission has been accepted or rejected at the end of August 2018. Please have some patience.

On 21 March, 2019, the training day will take place at Phantasialand in Brühl.

Entry Badges

Speakers receive free entry to JavaLand conference, excluding the training day. You can pick up your badge at the registration desk. In some cases, it may be sent out to you by letter prior to the conference. Please remember to bring it along with you. Please use the attendee registration to purchase your ticket. 

Tip: To avoid the rush hour queue on Tuesday morning, use our pre-evening check-in on Monday. The registration desk will be open until 8 pm on Monday evening.