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Here, you will find all the information for speakers and for those who wish to become one. Use the unique opportunity to participate in the conference. 

What Happens After Your Submission?

You can submit your lecture until August 26, 2019. 

You will be notified whether your submission has been accepted or rejected in CW 43. Please have some patience.

The lecture program will be published online in CW 44/45.

We kindly ask all speakers to upload a PDF-file (maximum size 10 MB) of their Powerpoint presentations until March 17, 2020 at the latest.

After login at the Javaland website click the button "Manage Lectures". You will see a list of all your presentations. Hit the button "Files" on the right and upload the file from your PC. Lastly, hit "Save" and you are done!

Important Information for Speakers

If your paper is accepted, we kindly ask you to upload your Powerpoint Presentation until March 8th at the latest as one PDF file with a maximum size of 10 MB. To upload your manuscript and presentation, please login on myDOAG, click on “CFP: JavaLand” at the right side within the navigation bar. You will see a general view of your presentations.

To the right of the presentations you find the button "Files". After you click on the button "Files", you can upload your documents. When the upload is successful, you can read the name of the file in the list. A click on the cross at the right will delete the file, if necessary.

All information for speakers are summarized in this document: Briefing for speakers

You will receive your speaker badge about four weeks prior to the event. Your speaker badge will give you free access to the conference.

There will be a check-in counter for speakers at the venue. If your access badge has not been sent to you in advance, it is easy and convenient to register there. 

Tip: If you can, use our check-in on Monday night! That way, you avoid waiting times on Tuesday morning. The registration is open for you until 8 pm.

Technical facilities on location

What JavaLand provides

    The conference rooms will be equipped with:

  • a projector (further information will be provided at a later stage)
  • a screen
  • a presenter

What to bring yourself

  • Laptops are not provided, please bring your own computer.
  • You work with a Mac? Then bring an adapter.
  • The lectures will be held partially in show rooms. For this reason, we can not guarantee a wired internet connection in all conference rooms.

Entry Badge

Speakers receive free entry to JavaLand conference, excluding the training day. You can pick up your badge at the registration desk. In some cases, it may be sent out to you by letter prior to the conference. Please remember to bring it along with you. Please use the attendee registration to purchase your ticket. 

Tip: To avoid the rush hour queue on Tuesday morning, use our pre-evening check-in on Monday. The registration desk will be open until 8 pm on Monday evening.