Project Panama - the New Java Native

Most people know JNI, the Java Native Interface - nobody likes it. JNI was designed as a fast solution to a nifty problem; interfacing Java with natively compiled C code. FFI, or Foreign Function Interfaces, are available in most programing languages today. No matter how fast a virtual machine is, no matter if code is compiled natively or not, interfacing to C/C++ is still a necessary requirement, not only to utilize native libraries.

As JNI is probably one of the most hated features in Java, Project Panama emerged to bring relief to programmers that have to write JNI binding code, but there’s more about Project Panama than what meets the eye.

This talk will introduce the basics of Project Panama and some features which are not obvious at first sight. It will present what is possible and how using some live demos.

Dienstag, 28.03.2017
15:00 - 15:40
Silverado Theater
Core Java & JVM-Sprachen

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