Kotlin-based Build Scripts: New Opportunities in Gradle 3.0

One of the new features in Gradle 3.0 is support for Kotlin-based build scripts. Kotlin is a relative new JVM language, fully interoperable with Java and developers should be able to learn it quickly. Features like extension methods, higher-order functions and scripting support let developers write concise, type-safe DSLs with the benefit of auto-completion, refactoring and other tool support of modern IDEs.

After a short introduction to Gradle and Kotlin, we will deep dive into an example and compare a still supported Groovy-based build script with it’s Kotlin counterpart.

At the end of this talk you will have a brief understanding of the possibilities the new Kotlin-based build language provides and will be able to extend your existing Gradle environment or start using Gradle Script Kotlin for your new projects.

Dienstag, 28.03.2017
14:00 - 14:40
Quantum UG

Tim Riemer

FNT - Facility Network Technologie GmbH

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