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OpenPark Evening Event

On Tuesday, March 17


The popular evening event "OpenPark" traditionally takes place at the end of the first conference day, on March 17, 2020. We will start off with dinner at 6 pm. All soft drinks as well as beer are available during the OpenPark without vouchers. The use of the rides listed below is also included. By the way: For the first time this year, some of the rides will also open on the second day of the conference. Look forward to the following attractions on Wednesday: Maus au Chocolat, Black Mamba and Wellenflug.



In the restaurants Unter den Linden, Kaiser Snack, Mandschu and Tacana you will be served various delicacies in themed buffets from 6 pm to 9 pm. After 9 pm you can enjoy hearty BBQ specialities at STOCK's. Enjoy your meal!


Music & Party Time

At 8 pm DJ Ben von K will play for you at STOCK's. At 9:30 pm the band "Moonlight Special" will continue. With well-known cover songs, which everyone can sing along to, they will heat you up and create a party atmosphere! As always, there will be free snacks, cool refreshments and beer.




A classic among the rides and not only for children. Swing on the back of one of the horses or relax on a couch and enjoy the nostalgic charme of the merry-go-round.



The iron giant Taron towers high above the medieval town of Klugheim. It claims the world records for being the fastest, longest and most intense multi launch coaster in the world.


Winja's Force

Prove just how fearless you are in Wuze Town! An amazing challenge awaits you here: Winja's Force, the indoor spinning coaster. After a dizzying ascent you will descend the winding rails all the way to the bottom. 


You want to take it a little more easy and relax? Then glide through the air on the Wellenflug in the middle of the park and enjoy the breathtaking dance of light and water beneath your feet.


The white-water ride "Chiapas" is a real thrill to anyone who is not afraid to make a splash. The beautifully designed panorama consisting of waterfalls, numerous plants and deep canyons surrounding the ride is sure to make this an authentic adventure.

Mystery Castle

Evil slumbers in the tower of Mystery Castle – and only you can defeat it! Save the castle and its inhabitants and bungee drop from a height of 65 meters into the dark depths!


Pirates in 4D

Ahoy! The interactive movie fun "Pirates in 4D" will catapult you straight into a skull an crossbones flag adventure. Comedy legend Leslie Nielsen will guide you on this highly entertaining treasure hunt. 

Black Mamba

The Black Mamba – Queen of snakes and absolute favorite of many JavaLand attendees. Only the fearless will face up to the challenge and race through the steep cliffs of Africa at 80 km/h on this ride.

Maus au Chocolat

Mouse alert at the imperial cake factory! In this 3D fun ride it is your mission to get rid of the cheeky rodents with your chocolate piping bags. But do not worry, the cute mouse crew will stay safe!

Colorado Adventure

Become a gold miner with "Colorado Adventure". The mining cart races through the Colorado Mountains with its steep curves, huge cliffs and wide canyons. Fun guaranteed!


Crazy Hotel Tartüff

In the fun house "Crazy Hotel Tartüff" you can explore 27 strange rooms on 3 floors which contain a potpourri of oddities. Your journey will take you through closets and turning barrels, past puffing paintings and much more!